Road Trip Part 4

Here is the last part of my travel series! Let me know if you would like more ‘vlog’ type videos while I am living in Seattle. This video shoes our last leg of the trip. We go from Portland to Seattle, which was a nice short drive. We ended up getting Voo Doo Doughnuts thanks to all of you! They were delicious by the way. The drive was so beautiful once we got into Washington, much different than California that’s for sure! Today is our last day on Mercer Island and we are heading downtown to move into our apartment. I am super excited to be in the heart of everything. Thanks for stopping by, I love you all!

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Aztec Print

aztec printaztec printaztec print aztec printaztec print


Hey guys! I was so looking forward to this fashion post. I decided to take the pics in San Luis Obispo because I felt the style of this dress fit right in. This entire outfit is from BooHoo, and seriously go to their site right now and check everything out. Everything is really unique and very affordable. The print and style of this dress is unlike anything I own. Honestly, I love each accessory here too. The watch is so unique and the rings are great to layer. I have been using this bag every single day in Seattle so far. It’s super roomy and makes my life much easier! Oh yes and the shoes are perfect. They would be super cute with jean shorts or skinny jeans too. Love!

Trip to Seattle: Part 3

Happy Monday friends! Here is the second to last of my road trip series. We still are living with friends on Mercer Island. I am so excited to get into our apartment on Wednesday and be in the heart of the city. This video captures us driving across the California border and into Portland. This was the longest stretch of driving we did, so we get a little loopy!! Enjoy!


Trip to Seattle: Part 2

Who is ready for part 2 of our road trip??? Thanks for being patient with me while Andrew and I get settled up here! Twenty two hours of driving is pretty exhausting. We got in to Seattle this afternoon and the first thing we wanted to do was go on a walk after being cramped for so long. Breathing in the fresh air was such a nice change from the lovely smog back in LA. I am super excited to explore up here, I already am in love!


Trip to Seattle: Part 1

Alrighty here is the first part of our drive up the coast! We had a quick first leg of the trip, but we ended up leaving later than we had anticipated so it worked out great! I hope you all enjoy these vlogs as we embark on this new adventure. If any of you have been to Seattle, please comment below some of your favorite things to do there. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!


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Road Trip Thoughts

Hey everyone! I am so sorry I have been slightly MIA lately. We finally are on our trip to Seattle. We left this evening around 4:00 and are currently in San Luis Obispo for the night. Today has been super crazy. We made our millionth (I just made that word up) trip down to San Diego to drop off the last of our stuff we are not taking with us. Once we move back to California we will end up in San Diego, so we wanted to store everything there. So yes, we managed to fill up another car full of stuff. Moving really is an eye-opening experience. I feel like I am very good at hiding my stuff. Who is with me? For instance, if you were to come into my apartment, it would look very tidy. However, once I take everything out of it’s place, I look sort of insane. The amount of products I own kinda mades me sick. I know it is my job to test out and review products, but still, it is a bit much. Having a lot of storage in your house is definitely a scary thing. It is a way to minimize your hoarding problems. Not that I am blaming any of you! Ha… What were we talking about again? Oh yes moving. So, I have realized that I need to work on simplifying my life. Life is not about things. And I am sure most of you know that already, but sometimes we need to be reminded of it every now and then. We have only driven about 4 hours so far, but it has already opened my eyes so much.


I graduated from college in 2011 and haven’t been back since. When I was making the drive up here tonight (well when Andrew was making the drive, and I kept him company) I saw everything in a whole new light. I think many times we are always looking to the future. When will I be done with college? When will I get engaged? When will I get a house? And we lose sight of what is in front of us. At once point we were driving through beautiful mountains, and a few years ago I thought it was the most boring part of the drive. Tonight I couldn’t get over how beautiful it all was. So I hope all of you can take a moment this week and appreciate where you are at this stage in your life. Enjoy each moment and spend a little less time worrying about tomorrow. Andrew reminds me of this everyday and I love him for that. Life is a blessing and I hope to see the joy and beauty out of the simple things, because that is what truly matters.


Friday Favs: 7/10/14


Happy Friday…er Saturday! My video wouldn’t attach from my phone, so I had to wait until we got home from Disneyland. I have been super busy packing this week. Andrew and I have made a ton of trips down to San Diego to drop off boxes. We leave 5 days and I am so excited to let the road tripping begin! Since I have been on the go all week, running errands and such, I haven’t been spending too much time doing my makeup. This week is all about simple things that go the distance! Also, most of these favorites have been around for a while so I know they are worth it. I hope you all enjoy today’s video and thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Amusement Park Look

theme park outfit


Hey guys! So I am heading to Disneyland tonight and then spending the entire day at both parks on Friday. I go with Andrew’s family once a year…a tradition that I am so onboard with! I put together a typical outfit I wear when going somewhere like Disneyland. I tend to always wear jean shorts, comfy tank top or t-shirt and simple accessories. Usually I will wear a watch and a delicate necklace that won’t get in the way on rides. I also like to wear sneakers to stay comfy, but I do wear flip flops a lot (don’t wear sneakers if you are planning on going on the water rides). Also, make sure to wear a crossbody bag! Keep it lightweight and semi-small so you can take it everywhere. A zipper is always a plus too! When I am at a theme park, the last thing I want to worry about is my outfit. So by keeping things easy and minimal you can focus more on what ride to go on next!


Vitacost Haul

IMG_7448 IMG_9937

It is no secret I have a love affair with Vitacost. Most of the time I talk about the beauty products I purchase, but believe it or not, I spend more money on food and drinks. I love trying out new natural companies but am not a fan of the price tag of most of these brands. So, I typically buy all of my dry goods and some drinks online. Almond milk, coconut water, granola bars, canned goods, salsa…..yes I know I am sort of insane. But hey, I save money and I am proud of that! If you guys want a big list of what I usually buy from Vitacost as far as groceries go, let me know. So here is an order I recently made with some new bars, protein powders and other random items. I hope you all enjoy and let me know what your favorites are from Vitacost. If you don’t know what Vitacost is, then you must be new to my channel!


Vitacost ($10 off coupon)

Ombre & Balayage Hair

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I am exhausted from the river. I got way too much sun, but had a great time. My bottom lip is super swollen and I am not entirely sure why. I thought it was just sunburned, but I have woken up with it puffy for two straight days. So hopefully it will go down tonight because I am planning on filming the jelly bean challenge with Andrew. So for today’s post I wanted to show you all my new hair. I just had it done and am so in love! I had my ombre lifted a bit and also had some balayage put in for a super natural look. Watch my video to see how it was achieved step by step!

IMG_2778 IMG_9590


Hair done by Gina at the Fernando Romero Salon in Beverly Hills