Road Trip – Part 2

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been slightly MIA these last couple of days. I randomly got super sick with a high fever and was in bed for a very long time!

Here is part 2 of our trip. During this next leg of the drive we saw lots and lots of desert! So this won’t be the most colorful blog post you’ve ever seen..


After Vegas, we took a quick stop to look at the gorgeous Lake Mead.


Then we of course had to get a family picture!


^^close up of my twisted silver necklaces (outfit post coming soon)^^


Then we stopped by the Hoover Dam for some pics. Andrew couldn’t stop talking about Transformers the whole time..

IMG_7974 IMG_7031IMG_1639

^^this little one gave us lots of laughs the entire time. the best was when she decided the suitcase was her new bed.^^


Then off we were again! Doesn’t this picture remind you of Cars? Just wait until you see how different the climate is for my next post!


  • Andrew Atkins

    Kendra why do I look so chubby in that picture of us???

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