eat your greens!

I have been buying a lot more veggies at the grocery store lately. Since I know they will go bad, it sort of forces me to eat them. That may not be the best reasoning, but it’s been working for me! I also feel soo much better when I eat more greens. What I have been loving to do (ok not loving at the time, but it pays off), is to cut everything up right when I get home. I put everything in ziplock bags and it makes my meals so easy to prepare. Admit it, how many of you skip on healthy options because you don’t want to cut up an onion?? I’m totally with you!

When I make salads, I use whatever I have on hand at the moment. It keeps things fresh and easy.


For dressing I use  olive oil and either balsamic or apple cider vinegar (this salad has balsamic).

Then I add a lot of black pepper on top.


Now tell me that doesn’t look delicious??


bowl: macy’s

cutting board: crate & barrel


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