NYX Butter Lipsticks

Finally! Here they are! NYX came out with new Butter Lipsticks and here are all 22 shades. I also made a video where I swatched each color on my arm (watch down below).

These lipsticks are extremely creamy and pigmented. A few of the nudes come across a bit chalky on the lips, but I find adding a chapstick helps a lot. Most of the shades are highly pigmented, but a few are more on the sheer side. Overall, I really have been loving these. There is a huge range of colors and I think everyone will find a few that they love!


1. pops (mauve) 2. snow cap (flesh nude) 3. sugar wafer (light nude)

4. bit o honey (nude pink) 5. fun size (pink beige)


6. hubba bubba (light pink) 7. cotton candy (cool pink) 8. candy buttons (coral) 9. lollies (warm pink)

10. gum drop (bright pink) 11. taffy (purple pink)


12. little susie (strawberry)  13. fizzies (sheer berry) 14. sweet tart (deep pink) 15. razzle (fuscia)

16. hunk (cool purple) 17. licorice (deep plum)


18. fireball (tomato) 19. hot tamale (orange red) 20. juju (coral red)

21. big cherry (cool red) 22. mary janes (deep red)


purchase here—> butter lipsticks




  • Christine Joy Luikuo

    Thanks for the wonderful review! =) I think you’re the first one to have swatches of all the Butter Lipstick shades and it will be helpful for me in buying this online. I like Fizzies (despite the sheerness) and Candy Buttons so far. =)

    • withkendra

      Glad you liked it!

  • Nicole Avila

    which lippi are u wearing on this video??

    • Nicole Avila

      answered!! lol… asked before the video ended XD it looks so beautiul!

  • Ajrina AJ

    thanks for the review! This is really help me a lot!

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