All you need is love.

It is easy to forget how important it is to give love and feel love. We go about our lives with tight schedules and rarely have time to enjoy the company that surrounds us, let alone express how we feel. I have been back into my One Tree Hill episodes (guilty pleasure), but among all the drama there is always a great lesson in the end. We often become consumed by television shows and movies because of how freely the characters express themselves. I find myself wishing I could show others how I feel like they do in the movies, but find it incredibly hard to do so. I usually blame this on being raised with three brothers. Sharing your feelings wasn’t exactly normal behavior. So I encourage you all to really try to let others know how you feel. Don’t be ashamed to let someone know you love them. I also encourage you all to show more love each day toward others. I swear it is contagious. Love motivates, gives purpose, and makeup us stronger.


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