Exploring the City

Here are some pictures from last Saturday. My friend took me to the cutest places in downtown LA. The first stop was The Daily Dose for lunch. This place is tucked away in a brick alleyway entangled in ivy. Look at this lovely lady on the wall, how cute?


We split a citrus arugula salad and this bomb sandwich. It had pesto, chicken, avocado, tomato and arugula inside. I’m salivating as I write this. For those that I know will ask, because I eat gluten-free, I took a gluten enzyme pill before to help with digestion and only ate half. Soooo worth it. ( I think this was my first sandwich in a year. No joke.)


I seem to forget that LA is a big city. Since it is so spread out, you don’t realize that there is a true downtown. I pretended like I was in New York for the day, because NYC is pretty amazing and who doesn’t dream of being there every once in a while?

IMG_1767 IMG_1760

Then we wandered in to the Last Book Store, which used to be an old bank. There is something special about old bookstores. It takes me back to when I was obsessed with You’ve Got Mail.

IMG_1758Our next stop was Perch. This restaurant is a truly old building with so much character and charm. I felt like I was in another decade sitting by the big windows looking out onto the city. Our cocktail was amazing. It had cucumber, St. Germain, champagne and other yummy things.

IMG_1765Then we went up a flight of stairs to the roof for some champagne. Check out that view. It was a beautiful day.IMG_1768



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