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If you didn’t already know, I am obsessed with tea. It is weird because I used to hate it. I went to London once with my friend and her parents and they forced me to drink tea. I remember thinking to myself, who in their right mind would ever willingly drink this? Well I guess I grew up or my tastebuds changed, and now I really enjoy a cup of tea. I also just started adding a little spoonful of raw honey to my tea and it makes it sooo delicious. Soo anyways, I recently came across My Beauty Tea on Instagram, a loose leaf tea company, and fell in love. I have been tested out a few different types this week and have my review for you guys.


These are sugar free, calorie free, carbohydrate free, and 100% natural using flowers, fruits and natural flavors.

They are also blended and hand packed in Canada.

Sweet Mango: sencha green tea, natural mango flavor, sunflower petals (very hydrating and full of antioxidants)

I loved how fruity this tea tasted. It was really light and had a little sweetness to it. You can definitely taste the mango. Sometimes fruit flavors can be so faint you barely notice them, but this had a great mango flavor.

Pink Iced Tea: sencha green tea, hibiscus flowers, orange peels, flower blossoms, natural flavor

This is a great alternative to drinking juice. It is super refreshing and delicious. Anything with hibiscus and orange is automatically my favorite. This would also taste great with a little lemonade poured in for a hot summer day.

Beauty Blend: herbal tea, cinnamon bark, boldo leaves, spearmint leaves, orange peels, black tea leaves, camomile flowers, rose hips and mallow flowers (great for digestion)

I love any tea with mint. I know it’s a personal preference, but me and mint are bff’s. If you have never tried iced mint tea, you really need to put it on your list. This tea though isn’t just a mint tea, it also has lots of other herbs which really balance it out. The cinnamon stands out to me too, which makes it a great tea to drink when it’s a little cloudy outside!


So go make yourself a cup of tea why don’t you!

I use a Bodum tea pot from Crate & Barrel.


  • I am a big tea drinker and all of these sound delicious!
    I definitely prefer loose leaf tea to regular tea bags and I pretty much shouldn’t be allowed at Teavana 🙂 Never heard of this company though, they do sound great!


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