Wedding Makeup ft. CoverFX

One thing that I find extremely important when it comes to wedding makeup, is the face. You need to spend the time to create the perfect base for the rest of your makeup (bronzer, blush, highlight, etc.). Today I am highlighting one of my favorite companies, CoverFX. Once I started using these products, I couldn’t stop! I love the coverage they give to the skin, and the fact that they are free of many nasty chemicals found in many other makeup lines. Nobody wants a breakout on their honeymoon right?? Below I have compiled my top tips for getting a flawless canvas that is HD friendly on your wedding day (or for any photoshoot)! this face pic #1 Make sure you start out with a hydrated face and a great primer. I keep George’s Aloe Vera Spray with me to mist over my clients face prior to applying makeup. For primer, I like to use the CoverFX Mattifying Primer because it has salicylic acid to combat blemishes and it creates a great canvas for the rest of your makeup. I prefer to use a mattifying primer and then go back in later to highlight specific areas of the face. I use a separate primer under the eyes and on top of the lids. The Cover FX Anti-Age Smoothing Eye Primer helps to bind your concealer and eye shadow to the skin, keeping it true to color and lasting for a very long time!   #2 Ready for the most important thing? Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone! There is nothing worse than a foundation line. If you notice your neck looks lighter after your foundation is on, apply a bronzer to the neck AND chest so that everything is even. I have been using the Cover FX Cream Foundation on every bride ever since I discovered it. It provides buildable coverage, with a radiant finish that lasts all day long (they carry a ton of shades, so you are bound to find a match).   **If you want to use a product with lighter coverage, try using CoverFX’s new BB Gel. It has enough coverage to even out your skin tone, but feels incredibly lightweight on the skin. It also has a matte finish.   #3 Next up is concealer. You want your skin to look perfect, so make sure to conceal each and every mark on your face. Say goodbye to any areas of redness, blemishes or whatever else needs to be hidden! Use a slightly lighter shade under your eyes to help brighten up any darkness.   #4 The last step in creating the perfect canvas is to set your cream products with a powder. This will help extend the life of your foundation and concealer. I prefer the CoverFX Mattifying Powder because of it’s velvety texture. It comes in a variety of colors so you don’t have to worry about it looking too white or powdery on your skin. IMG_4793IMG_2897 IMG_0891   IMG_4719 At the end of the day, you want to look and feel beautiful. Use makeup to enhance you beauty and give you confidence. Also, don’t use this day as a time to experiment with new makeup trends. You can vamp up your makeup a bit, but still try to look like yourself! And don’t forget to smile, this is one of the greatest moments of your life. Soak it all up and remember it is just makeup! Your memories will last you much longer than your lipstick ever will! smile**Use code KENDRAFX for 10% off your order over $25 (valid thru 7/31/14)



  • Jilly

    does the coverfx cream foundation cause any flashback since it has spf?

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