Be Inspired // #5

25 4   Here are a few quotes I have been drawn to lately. It’s funny because whenever I post these, there seems to be a common theme. I think my upcoming move has made me a little more adventurous and inspired. I am looking forward to the unknown and the unpredictability of our trip. I have always been a very practical and realistic person. I am much more of a planner then a dreamer. However, I am married to someone who inspires me to think less and act more. Sometimes it can be very liberating to live with your heart instead of your head at times. Granted, this is not easy for me. I feel much more safe and stable when I know what to expect. But I am trying my best to enjoy each and every moment and worry less about the future and instead be more in the present. I hope each and every one of you can try to do the same this week. Be in the now, because that is what matters.

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