Big Sur



On our trip up north we drove along the coast to see Big Sur. I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. I mean, check out that water! God is good and he really opened my eyes to see the beauty all around me. This whole trip has really been quite the experience. Mostly, it has taught me I need to simplify things. Leaving most of our belongings in San Diego was really tough at first and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to live for three months with so little. To be honest, it still isn’t easy. But I have a new appreciation for other things now. Stepping outside and taking a walk through the city gives me so much energy. I don’t need to go shopping in order to be in a good mood, I just need to take my dog on a walk for some fresh air. Sometimes, I purposefully leave me phone, so I can just be in the moment. It is kind of sad to say that, but I am constantly on my phone checking twitter, instagram and my emails. I have to force myself to put the phone down and unplug for a bit. Are any of you guilty of being disconnected to the actual world because you are so connected online? It is a constant struggle considering it is my job. But I just need to find a healthy balance. Thank you all for stopping by and enjoy these pics!



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  • Carrie Harr

    Beautiful photos!

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