Be Inspired // #9



Like always, the quotes I post tend to have a common theme. Lately I have been a lot more into work and getting both ahead and doing more than I had done before. Sometimes we…meaning I…get complacent with where we are and start to do the same things over and over. Before we know it, we look back and wonder what we had done with our time and wished we had accomplished more. Complacency is something that is so easy to succumb to because it is easy. It doesn’t take much effort to do something that you have done a million times before. I’m now trying to challenge myself in all that I do. Even with the simple tasks of daily life. Why do something with 50% off your effort, when you could be putting your all into it and end up completely happier afterwards? Especially in work, I am trying to make improvements in everything I’m doing. Change things up, try new things and if they don’t work then no big deal. Nothing stays consistent forever unless we make it that way. We have the ability to improve what we are doing if we have the right mind set. If any of you have been feeling like you need a change, ask yourself where in life that is. Your relationship? Your job? Especially in relationships, try hard not to get stuck in the same routine every day. I feel like I know my husband so well now, and don’t always need to say how much he means to me because I just assume he knows it. Don’t assume it! Always let someone know how you feel, especially when it’s something good. We are quick to say what bothers us, but hold back what we love and appreciate. I hope you are having a great week so far, and I hope you know how much you all mean to me. Thanks for always being there and supporting me. You guys are the ones who bring ME so much encouragement in my life. Talk soon!

  • Just what I needed to read, thank you Kendra! I totally agree, why hardheartedly do anything? It seems to turn into a cycle then of doing things at a lower effort and then being unsatisfied with your work, quotes like these always seem to help me when I’m in a bit of a slump 🙂

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