Winter Complexion Essentials

I want to share some products that I have been loving for my makeup ‘base’ lately. Make sure you also have a good skincare routine, if your skin isn’t at it’s best, neither will your makeup. For my face makeup I like my skin to still shine through. To me, you foundation and concealer should cover any imperfections and even out your skintone, but not completely hide your skin. Let me know what makeup products you are loving to give you a glowing complexion!

complexion essentials


First up I apply Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield all over my skin. I’ve been noticing that my forehead is getting a lot of fine lines lately and this really  helps to fills them in and even my skin out. I also love that is has SPF 30 to protect my skin from the sun during the day.

Next I mix a pump of my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone and a little bit of the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation together on the back of my hand. The Becca Skin Perfector helps to sheer our the Cover FX foundation without losing it’s coverage. You also get a beautiful glow to the skin which is my favorite!

To hide my blemished and areas with extra redness I apply my Mineral Fusion Concealer. This concealer is great since you get two different shades to mix. It dries quickly so it won’t smear all over your face. I also feel better concealing my blemished with a more natural product (that way I won’t get more breakouts!).

Last, I’ve been setting my foundation with the ZuZu Luxe Powder Foundation and am in love. This powder is made with great ingredients and leaves a beautiful natural finish to the skin.

I highly recommend all of these products. They have worked great for my skin and I know you will love them.


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