Kitchen Renovation

Hey guys! So we have officially started on our kitchen reno. It has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to get started. We have a pretty small kitchen so our main goal is to make it look larger and brighter. Currently we have white tile for our counters and our cabinets are an antique cream finish. Here a few pictures so you can see what we are working with.

kitchen design

So our first order of business is to rip out all the cabinets. Andrew started this afternoon and it was pretty entertaining. Follow me on snapchat to see! (@kendraatkins) We are having the uppers installed on Saturday and then will have the lower ones installed in a few weeks. Once those are in we will go look for our countertops. We wanted to make this a process so we weren’t spending a ton of money all at once.  kitchen designkitchen design

Now let’s talk about what we want it to look like! So for our cabinets we are matching them to our breakfast nook style. We went with the inset style which looks more sleek and polished to me. (It is more expensive, but I think it’s worth it.) We’ll paint them Swiss Coffee, which is what all of our trim is throughout our house. Our current cabinets are pretty low, so we are raising them about a foot on the top side and then extending the gap between our counters and the upper cabinets by a few inches as well. Once of the biggest changes is our range hood. Right now we have our microwave above the stove (actually we already ripped that out!) but we are going to move it down to the left of the stove. Kind of where our current pantry door is. We bought a stove hood and are having it fitted with wood so it looks finished. I’ll put the picture we wanted it to look like design

We also are cutting our pantry door in half and extending our counters all the way. That is one change I’m very excited about! I always need more counter space! As far as our backsplash goes, I’m thinking of doing an arabesque style tile. Here are some kitchens with it below.

kitchen design kitchen designI think it gives a nice cottage feel, it also is a little warmer than subway tile. Plus, I want to do our guest bath in subway tile, so I figured I should switch it up in the kitchen. We will also do a farm style sink and all our hardware will be in a chrome finish. For our countertops I want to go with quartz since it is more durable than marble, and also less expensive. (I want it to look like marble though!) Here are a few styles I like:

kitchen designkitchen designI’m so excited to share this whole process with you guys! Our home will be in disarray for a while but it will be totally worth it. If you have re-done your kitchen before leave me some tips in the comments!


  • Mallory Marie

    Love all of your ideas! Can’t wait to follow along and see the finished product. 🙂

  • Noelle DuJour

    Looks great! I love your plan for the hood. I just remodeled my kitchen and had the same photos on Pinterest as my inspiration. I went with white Kraft Maid cabinets, Zodiaq quartz counter tops in London Sky, and Hampton Carrara marble back splash. To keep costs down, my boyfriend did the electrical and plumbing work and we installed the back splash together. It was a lot of work but well worth it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Good luck!

    • Stephanie777e

      Noelle, I’d love to see a photo of that marble backsplash with Zodiaq London sky! Post a pic here or can you post a pic to here… Please?

      • Noelle DuJour

        Hi Stephanie, Sorry It’s taken me awhile to reply. I just saw your response today. Here’s a few pics of my kitchen. Are you renovating your kitchen too?

        • Stephanie777e

          Yes, and we are putting in Zodiaq London Sky by DuPont as well. Looking for backsplash ideas. Where did you end up getting your backsplash tile from, Noelle? And, if I may ask, how much was it per square foot?

          • Noelle DuJour

            Hi Stephanie, I got it from The Tile Shop and it was 13.99 per square foot, but there was a sale at the time and I think it ended up being around 12 per square foot.

  • Ari

    Is the countertop 2 pics up from the bottom 3cm?

  • Love the style you picked!

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