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Be Inspired // #12

QuotesHello friends! I hope you are having a good start to your week. I have been trying to change some things in my life lately and so far I’ve been in a much better place. To start, I’m making going to church a priority. And when I can’t go, I listen to the sermon on my podcast. Podcasts have been changing my life! What I like to do is play either a sermon or inspirational podcast that can motivate me, or teach me something when I’m getting ready in the morning. Also when I have a long drive. I feel like I’m actually getting something accomplished instead of just listening to music. If you already listen to podcasts, let me know what ones you listen to in the comments. I would love to know, since I just started listening to them.

Another thing I have trying to do is focus on living with intention and in the moment. I recently joined a yoga class and it has changed my life. I used to do yoga at home in our bedroom. I’d just play YouTube videos and was completely fine with it. Andrew encouraged me to get out (since I work from home) and join a class. It was great advice, because it gives me motivation and I work way harder. But besides that, just being in these awesome yoga classes have helped me to gain some mental clarity. I feel so refreshed and alive after each class. I am working hard on being still in life. By that I mean, taking time to stop, breath and refocus. We can get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we are living in a whirlwind. Before we know it, weeks and months are flashing before us and it seems life is moving faster with each minute. I’m realizing when you focus on being present, life is much sweeter and richer. Try to appreciate what you are blessed with instead of planning what you need to buy to make you happier. What is around you that makes you smile? Who is in your life that you are blessed with? We have so many things around us that we take for granted and it’s important to stop and see it all. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and try to live this week with more intention and take a few moments to just be.

Be Inspired // #11

Hi friends! So today I have another installment of Be Inspired. I love doing these every now and then to reflect on what is going on in my life at the moment. So today’s quotes, like always, have a common thread. I’m working on taking the initiative for many aspects of my life. Mostly work related. A lot of the time I put things off (I tend to bookmark lots of emails) instead of tackling them right of the bat.

I’m also working on developing myself more. I know that is incredibly vague and cliche. I think the whole YouTube and blogging world can get a bit overwhelming at times. You are constantly trying to keep up with everyone else. I want to try to focus on my brand and my content. Nobody is exactly like you, which is why you should take full advantage of that.

The last thing I am working on is seeing the good in people. It is so easy to pass a quick judgement. It’s much harder to let things go and look past what is bothering you. You are in control of how you feel. I think we often think that other things make us upset, frustrated or down. It’s how we respond which really is completely our decision. I know this is getting a bit deep, but it’s getting late and this is what happens! I hope you all find peace in yourselves this week. (I might squeeze in some nighttime yoga…namaste!)

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Be Inspired // #11

be inspired

This week has had it’s ups and downs. Today’s quotes are about quieting your heart, taking a deep breath, and realizing you are in control of your feelings. They also represent tough love and understanding we are not in control of it all sometimes. Kind of opposites I know. But that is how I have been feeling these past few weeks. Even though I have a tough front, I am a pretty sensitive person and little things get to me. I let things build and build until finally I’ll accidentally snag my sweater and that will set me off. I also am a person who has high standards. That applies to a lot of things. People, my work, my future. And when one thing doesn’t go exactly as planned, I let it get to me. This week I am going to work on appreciating things. Realizing that some things aren’t worth ruining our day. Some things aren’t in our control. But also knowing that when we do have the power, to use it to the best of our ability. Treat others with the kindness you want and work in the way that will make you proud at the end of the day.

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Be Inspired // #7


Happy Monday! Today I wanted to give you all some great quotes that I have recently pinned and found a lot of inspiration from. With a new year ahead of us, we have so much opportunity for change. There is no better time than right now to put all of your future goals into action. I just got back from a little weekend getaway with a few of my friends. It made me realize how important it is to dedicate time to strengthen your friendships. This year I want to cherish my time with others and put more energy into enjoying the present and creating lasting memories. Most of the time I am thinking about the future and planning out my next weekend before the current weekend is even over. I need to make it a point to be in the now. Let me know what you are trying to change in the new year. I loved reading all of your goals for 2015 in my last video. It was so encouraging to see all that you want to accomplish and focus on. I hope you all have a great week!

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Be Inspired // #6

words of wisdom

It’s so funny when I look back on my pins under the ‘words‘ section. I always seem to be pinning quotes and verses with the same theme. My most recent ones have all been about being the change you want to see. I have recently felt really motivated to take more action in my job and quit waiting around for something to happen. It is all about your mind set. If you wake up with the intention of getting things done and staying positive, so much more is possible. I hope these few words of wisdom will help you get back on track. It is so easy to get lost in the shuffle of things. Sometimes it’s important to collect your thoughts, write down a list of what you need to do, and actually do it. But, through it all remember that God has the ultimate power in our futures and he will guide us every step of the way. When we put our faith in him, everything else will slowly come together the way he has envisioned. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Enjoy your day and keep you head up! Love you all!

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