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Decor Inspiration: Parisian Glamour

So I have been going slightly crazy in the pinterest/home decorating/dreaming department these days. I am so excited and ready to decorate my future home! Renting apartments doesn’t allow for many permanent decor plans, so I have had a lot of time to brainstorm what I really love. Once style in particular that has been so appealing to me is European. There is nothing prettier than buildings in Paris and old eclectic designs. Brass hardware, chandeliers and glossy black accents pretty much make me drool. We’ll see how much I’ll get away with once Andrew and I buy a home. These are some items that are on my lust list!

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Friday Favs: 3-7-14



Babe Scrubs : These scrubs are awesome. After using them in the shower you will be left with the softest skin. They have Green Tea, Coffee, and Pink Salt (the coffee one is amazing in the morning). They are also organic and 100% natural!
Funk Butter : Finally a natural deodorant that works for me! I have been going through deodorants like crazy lately. Some haven’t been working like they use to. I can always count on this one to keep me dry and smelling nice. It comes in a paste formula, so you have to get used to that.
100% Pure Cream Blush in Posey : This is crazy pigmented. It feels so lightweight on your skin and gives a beautiful pop of coral pink. You can wear it alone for a dewy look, or layer on a powder blush for more depth and staying power. I like these two baby pink blushes on top because they give a beautiful dimension to the skin. ( Becca Blush in Gypsy & Larenim Blush in Angel )
Butter London Nail Foundation : I have been waiting for something like this to come into my life! This polish creates the perfect canvas to any nail polish. It has a creamy nude, matte finish.
Alterna Plumping Strand Expand : If you are craving some volume in your life you have to try this. It is incredibly hydrating and nourishing too which I love. It has a nice clean scent and comes out like a lotion. I use after I shower and it will give you some gorgeous locks!

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