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Nike Jacket/Wild & Free Hot Pants/Mermaid Leggings/Vintage Tank/Elastic Bra Top

It’s almost the weekend guys! So today I have some adorable workout clothes to share with you. Most are by Peach Pop, a super fun company. They recently asked me some questions for their blog and I figured I’d share everything I said with you as well! I need to take a moment to explain how often I’ve been wearing these pieces…I’m talking ALL THE TIME. Basically I want to live in the pink sports bra and purple tank. The sports bra is the most comfortable sports bra I’ve ever worn. You can’t even feel it which is why I love it. Whenever I wear sports bras I get a back ache, but this is not the case with this one. I need this in 100 colors!!! Okay on to the interview questions…

First off, tell us a little about yourself and your blog. My blog and youtube channel are an extension of myself. I post content on beauty, fashion and health. I am always looking for natural alternatives in my beauty routine and finding the absolute best products on the market. My blog is where I share all of that with my viewers. I do not claim to be a professional makeup artist or a personal trainer, but I am like many of you trying to find ways to look and feel our very best. My job is to make that process a little easier for you!

How is fitness a part of your life? Fitness has always been a part of my life. My family is very active so they keep me accountable if I’m ever too lazy. I wish that I woke up every day ready to go on a run, but that is far from the truth. I’m the type of person that would rather eat better, and exercise less. But what keeps me coming back for more is the feeling I get after a great workout. I have more energy, my skin clears up, and my mood improves. I also like to stay in shape just for the personal satisfaction. When I slack off, my body will show it, and that motivates me to tone up. You will never regret a workout, so if I can push myself to change into workout clothes and get my mind right, I’ll be so much happier afterwards. And wearing cute workout gear always helps!

Who is your fitspo? My fitness inspiration is all of my YouTube subscribers. They are the ones who keep me accountable and give me great tips and inspiration. The easiest way to get in shape, is to have someone who will hold you accountable. Have a friend workout with you to keep you motivated. If you are at home and want to stay on the couch for one more episode, it’s easy to skip a workout. But if you have a friend waiting for you at the gym, or a yoga class to attend, you are way more likely to get moving.

What does your day-to-day look like? My day-to-day includes a LOT of sitting in front of a computer screen. I usually wake up, respond to emails while drinking some tea or coffee and make a to-do list for the day. I will work on the day’s blog post and catch up on my social media accounts. Once I change out of my sweats and get ready, I will either start filming or editing future videos. Once I wash my makeup off, I like to throw on some work out clothes and get in a workout mid-afternoon. This is when I start crashing and need to step away from the computer screen and break a sweat. Then it is back to editing! I try to unplug from all media once I start cooking dinner and let myself relax! Before bed you will most likely find me watching HGTV. I’m really a 4- year-old at heart.

What’s a quote you live by? Make today better than yesterday.

What is your beauty and style philosophy? Be yourself and be comfortable. Those go hand in hand to me. If I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing, or if I have piles of makeup on my face, I don’t feel like myself. I like to take some beauty and fashion risks but I always stay true to who I am. With the social media world blowing up, it’s easy to compare  yourself to others. Remember that nobody else is like you. Embrace that.

You and your husband are adorable. What’s one of your favorite activities to do together that get you moving? We love to go on hikes with our dog. It gets us outside and breathing in some fresh air. After you finish a hike, you always feel like a million bucks. Even though some are a struggle, the end result is what I chase. We also like to play tennis and go to the gym together. Being active is a great way to stay connected and feel better from the inside out.


Vitacost Haul

IMG_7448 IMG_9937

It is no secret I have a love affair with Vitacost. Most of the time I talk about the beauty products I purchase, but believe it or not, I spend more money on food and drinks. I love trying out new natural companies but am not a fan of the price tag of most of these brands. So, I typically buy all of my dry goods and some drinks online. Almond milk, coconut water, granola bars, canned goods, salsa…..yes I know I am sort of insane. But hey, I save money and I am proud of that! If you guys want a big list of what I usually buy from Vitacost as far as groceries go, let me know. So here is an order I recently made with some new bars, protein powders and other random items. I hope you all enjoy and let me know what your favorites are from Vitacost. If you don’t know what Vitacost is, then you must be new to my channel!


Vitacost ($10 off coupon)

Summer Ab Workout

With summer right around the corner it is time to get that tummy of yours nice and tight! There is nothing better than feeling great in a bikini. I teamed up with Andrew’s brother to make an ab workout for all of you. We put together a few highly effective moves that you can do right in your living room. All you need is your own body! I hope you all enjoy this workout and let me know what types of workout videos you would like to see in the future!


*repeat one or two more times for an even better workout! 6 pack here you come!

What I Eat in a Day

Hey guys! I hope you are getting this week off to a good start so far. I have a fun collaboration for you that I did with the gorgeous Sara, or LovebyLynn. We decided to show you all what we would eat in a typical day. Make sure you stop by her blog for some fabulous posts that you will stare at all day me. Also, go subscribe to her new YouTube channel, she has amazing work outs there! I hope you all enjoy!


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