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Be Inspired // #10

Hey guys! Today’s words of inspiration are some of my favorites. I have recently decided to quit being such a procrastinator and just get things done. I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it has changed me! I started with my clothes, then moved on to our books, documents etc. If you follow me on my YouTube channel you have probably seen some of my makeup declutter videos. So the thing I never thought would happen (which in the book it actually says will), is that after decluttering my things, I have noticed so many other changes in my life. I still haven’t finished decluttering everything yet. It is a long process! But what I have noticed is that I cherish things more. I take my time getting ready for bed at night. I floss more. I fold my clothes (which I never used to do). I clean my dishes right after using them. I get more done. With less clutter around me, my mind is more at peace and it truly helps me get more accomplished throughout the day. I usually am trying to play catch up with my YouTube videos. But I am so ahead of my upload schedule I don’t know what to do! It is awesome. I feel like I have more time, and my time is valued. I highly recommend you guys read this book! It is super easy to ready and it’s pretty short. Even though it is a little odd at times, the overall message is really effective. Have any of you read it? I hope you all have a great week!

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Be Inspired // #6

words of wisdom

It’s so funny when I look back on my pins under the ‘words‘ section. I always seem to be pinning quotes and verses with the same theme. My most recent ones have all been about being the change you want to see. I have recently felt really motivated to take more action in my job and quit waiting around for something to happen. It is all about your mind set. If you wake up with the intention of getting things done and staying positive, so much more is possible. I hope these few words of wisdom will help you get back on track. It is so easy to get lost in the shuffle of things. Sometimes it’s important to collect your thoughts, write down a list of what you need to do, and actually do it. But, through it all remember that God has the ultimate power in our futures and he will guide us every step of the way. When we put our faith in him, everything else will slowly come together the way he has envisioned. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Enjoy your day and keep you head up! Love you all!

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Off to the beach!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend! I am going to the beach for a few days with my family so I won’t be posting on here for a few days. I will have a video up on my YouTube channel tomorrow and another one on Friday so don’t miss those! I will leave you with some quotes to hopefully inspire you to have a great week.

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Be Inspired // #5

25 4   Here are a few quotes I have been drawn to lately. It’s funny because whenever I post these, there seems to be a common theme. I think my upcoming move has made me a little more adventurous and inspired. I am looking forward to the unknown and the unpredictability of our trip. I have always been a very practical and realistic person. I am much more of a planner then a dreamer. However, I am married to someone who inspires me to think less and act more. Sometimes it can be very liberating to live with your heart instead of your head at times. Granted, this is not easy for me. I feel much more safe and stable when I know what to expect. But I am trying my best to enjoy each and every moment and worry less about the future and instead be more in the present. I hope each and every one of you can try to do the same this week. Be in the now, because that is what matters.

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