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Kitchen Renovation

Hey guys! So we have officially started on our kitchen reno. It has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to get started. We have a pretty small kitchen so our main goal is to make it look larger and brighter. Currently we have white tile for our counters and our cabinets are an antique cream finish. Here a few pictures so you can see what we are working with.

kitchen design

So our first order of business is to rip out all the cabinets. Andrew started this afternoon and it was pretty entertaining. Follow me on snapchat to see! (@kendraatkins) We are having the uppers installed on Saturday and then will have the lower ones installed in a few weeks. Once those are in we will go look for our countertops. We wanted to make this a process so we weren’t spending a ton of money all at once.  kitchen designkitchen design

Now let’s talk about what we want it to look like! So for our cabinets we are matching them to our breakfast nook style. We went with the inset style which looks more sleek and polished to me. (It is more expensive, but I think it’s worth it.) We’ll paint them Swiss Coffee, which is what all of our trim is throughout our house. Our current cabinets are pretty low, so we are raising them about a foot on the top side and then extending the gap between our counters and the upper cabinets by a few inches as well. Once of the biggest changes is our range hood. Right now we have our microwave above the stove (actually we already ripped that out!) but we are going to move it down to the left of the stove. Kind of where our current pantry door is. We bought a stove hood and are having it fitted with wood so it looks finished. I’ll put the picture we wanted it to look like design

We also are cutting our pantry door in half and extending our counters all the way. That is one change I’m very excited about! I always need more counter space! As far as our backsplash goes, I’m thinking of doing an arabesque style tile. Here are some kitchens with it below.

kitchen design kitchen designI think it gives a nice cottage feel, it also is a little warmer than subway tile. Plus, I want to do our guest bath in subway tile, so I figured I should switch it up in the kitchen. We will also do a farm style sink and all our hardware will be in a chrome finish. For our countertops I want to go with quartz since it is more durable than marble, and also less expensive. (I want it to look like marble though!) Here are a few styles I like:

kitchen designkitchen designI’m so excited to share this whole process with you guys! Our home will be in disarray for a while but it will be totally worth it. If you have re-done your kitchen before leave me some tips in the comments!

Boho Casual

IMG_2610IMG_1473 IMG_4561IMG_1187IMG_7618It doesn’t get much more comfortable than a romper! Forever 21 has so many cute rompers and dresses so go go go! I just got a couple dresses there for some upcoming weddings. One thing I love about wearing a one piece in a bright print and color, is that you can keep everything else slightly understated. I keep my shoes and bag brown, and my jewelry gold (per usual). This look is perfect to go out to lunch, shopping, the beach…basically it is very versatile! Rompers for the win!

romper: forever 21

shoes: c/o windsor

bag: c/o sole society

necklaces: c/o windsor (similar here), wild butterfly boutique, randi’s candi

bracelets: c/o haute betts

sunnies: c/o rivet and sway

New Shea Moisture Makeup

You may have seen Shea Moisture body products at Target, well….now they have makeup! I was so excited when I saw the display one day as I was walking to the check out line. Clearly I had to stop! I haven’t seen many reviews online so I thought I’d share the products I have been trying with you.

(cruelty free, formulated with natural ingredients,certified organic shea butter, paraben-free)


Up first we have the lip stain and glossy overcoat. Mine is in the shade NICOLA, a gorgeous bright fuscia. Let me tell you, I swatched this yesterday on my hand, and it still is there! So as far as staying power goes, this won’t go anywhere. I love using lip stains in the summer because you can apply them in the morning and are good to go all day long. This also comes with a clear gloss on the other side which creates a nice shine on top of the stain. I am definitely wanting to try more shades of this product.


Up next, we have concealer. I grabbed the shade SNOWDONIAN FAWN, which is the lightest shade. This is formulated to reduce fine lines and provide great coverage. I found this to be super light for my skintone. I felt like the next shade up was really dark, so I’m not sure if any of the shades are a good match for me. As far as performance goes, I found this to be very hydrating and gave me pretty good coverage. The only thing that bothered me is that it seemed to wear off during the day. I will use this on lazy makeup days, but not for big events or when I need my makeup to last a really long time.


^^^swatches of concealer and lip stain^^^


Mascara time! This is the lengthening mascara in BLACK. They also carry a volumizing formula as well, which I really want to try. This is an awesome mascara. I am super picky when it comes to my lashes. Here is what I like about this one. The formula is not too wet, so it is pretty hard to make your lashes look clumpy. I am a fan of combining different mascaras, so I have been applying a volumizing mascara first, then using this on top to add length and separation. Honestly, if you use an eyelash curler after your lashes have dried, you will get MEGA length!


Last up we have the lip and cheek balm in BO-KAAP PEACH. Another one of my favs. This will add a hint of color to both your lips and cheeks in a very flattery hue. I like using this equally on my cheeks and lips. It really gives my cheeks a pinched look to them and never feels tacky on the skin. As far as my lips go, this is a great natural color and I love adding a clear gloss on top.

(fyi – this comes as a refill so you have to buy the compact as well)

Let me know if you have tried any other Shea Moisture makeup items!

(all products can be found at Target)

Elle & Wella Event


Hey guys! So there is an amazing event going on in LA on May 29th that I wanted to tell you all about. If you are in the area, I would LOVE to meet you and have some girl time! Elle is partnering with Wella and hosting a salon night in Glendale at the Martier Salon. I am so excited to get a consultation on my hair. One thing I really love, is when experts give me advice and tips. We can all fall into a rut when it comes to our hair…am I right?? This is a great way to have an outside source let you know what they think would look great on you! I am a trim kind of gal…not so much a risk taker! Also, there will be a DJ, prosecco (my fav), light bits and desserts. I also heard there will be some goodies to take home. I am always down to relax a little, chat, and talk beauty. Let me know if you are planning on coming! It is free to come, just make sure you RSVP!

Beachy Hair & Makeup Tutorial

With summer right around the corner, I have been using products that make me crave warm nights and sea salt in my hair! I have a tutorial for you that is a go-to look of mine during the warmer months. The color palette I used is very warm in tone, with a lot of coral shades. I also added some blue for a pop of color. As for my hair, this is how I style my hair most days. Usually I will let it air dry and then I’ll add in some waves with a curling iron. During this tutorial, I had washed my hair the previous day, so I use some dry shampoo to get rid of any oil and add volume. I hope you all enjoy this video, and thank you so much for watching!!

(all products with links are in the info box of this video on youtube)

Neon & Tribal

IMG_0080IMG_9570 IMG_1481IMG_6747IMG_6436IMG_5309

Today’s look is all about mixing color and print. I love combining really casual pieces with something more dressed up. Here I wore casual jogger shorts, and paired them with a blouse, floppy hat, and wedges. As it starts to get really hot out, use both color and print to add interest to an outfit without adding many layers. Also, figure out where you want the focus to be. I wanted the emphasis to be on the neon lime shirt, so I kept it toned down with my shoes and jewelry. Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!

top: forever 21 (similar here)

shorts: shop lately

shoes: c/o seychelles (similar here)

bag: gucci (similar here)

hat: c/o windsor

bracelets: h&m and windsor

necklace: isadora

sunnies: nordstrom