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Happy New Year everyone! I am very happy to start out the new year with a clear head and clean house!! We had a very low key new years with my nieces who flew in from Texas and I was very happy about that! The next day we took our tree and all our Christmas decorations down which felt really good. Our home is now a little more bare but feels nice and fresh. (And I have room for some more ‘normal’ decor…I’m coming for you Home Goods!)

This year Andrew really wanted us to write down some of our goals for the new year and share them with each other. This way we can help each other complete them throughout the year. So I wanted to share mine with you and let you know why I chose the things I did. Okay here they are:

Daily Devotions: I’m the type of person who will go to church on Sunday’s, but that tends to be my only day of worship. I pray at night but I’m really not good about improving and maintaining my relationship with the Lord once I walk out of the service. So I want to make it a point this year to spend time each morning learning more by reading in my Bible and grow a deeper relationship with the Lord. I want my walk to not just be on Sunday mornings but a daily practice. I bought a really neat devotional at Barnes and Noble yesterday and just started it this morning. It’s great because it gives you a little message every day for the whole year. If you guys are interested in it you can find it HERE.

Run: As far as working out goes I like to do weight training, yoga (I also want to join a yoga class this month), and I’ll go on the elliptical a few times a week. But I am not a fan of running. So I want to force myself to get outside and run once a week. It sounds super easy but it’s cold outside! I think if I can just put my workout clothes on and get outside, the hard part it over. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up liking it in a few months.

Tidy Up: If the space around me is cluttered, then my mind is cluttered and I get nothing done. I also hate waking up to a kitchen with plates still out and a living room with cups from the night before still laying around. So I am going to take just 10-15 minutes a night to make sure things are picked up. Make sure the dishes are done, things are put away and wiped down. I know I’ll sleep more peacefully and wake up in a much better mood.

Collaborate: I’ve been doing YouTube for about four years now. Two of them being full time. And after a while in any job you can become stuck in your own ways and unwilling to change. I want to make it a habit to reach out to other YouTubers that I admire and am inspired by. I think this will help me grow as a person and step out of my comfort zone.

Read: Ahhh reading. I’m the slowest reader. EVER. I start a book and who knows when I’ll finish it. Unless it’s really really good. I finished Gone Girl super quick but some other books I’ll start and then never finish. I want to start getting to bed a little earlier each night and just read. I’m on the computer so much that I know this will help to unwind me at night and just feel better. There is something very satisfying about reading a book. (finishing it helps too!) I’m currently reading The Happiness Project and so far I really like it.

Leave the Office: So I work from home, which makes it very hard to separate work from home. This year I want to treat it more like a 9-5 job. I know that sounds weird so I’ll explain. Some days I’ll wake up and head straight to my office to respond to emails and get some things done that may not have gotten done the day before. But I will still be in my pajamas, face not washed, teeth not brushed. Before I know it, it’s 10:00 and I’m still a slob. So I want to wake up, have my breakfast in the kitchen, not in front of the computer, and get ready for the day. The other thing I need to do is check out once 7:00 hits. I can tend to work late to either get ahead or just because I feel like it, but then what happens is I stress myself out for nothing. I need to be done for the day and spend the rest of the night with my husband, making dinner and getting other household things done.

Learn Calligraphy: I think this has been on my resolution list for three years and no, I still don’t know calligraphy. I really want to challenge myself to learn something new. I also would love to address our Christmas cards this year myself!

Be Positive: It is very easy to speak poorly about someone and pick out their flaws yet it is harder to compliment people. Why is that? I think we become selfish and like to make ourselves feel better by pointing out others’ shortcomings. I want to work very hard this year on saying no to bitterness, negativity and gossip. When you invest your time with negative thoughts you will become unhappy. But on the flip side, raising people up and having a positive outlook will do a lot more good. I hope to make this year the year of optimism. I tend to look at the negatives before I look at the positives, so I want to really try to change that.

Here’s to another year with new opportunities and fresh starts!

Looking Back on 2014

Happy New Year everyone! This has felt like such a long holiday season, I am actually totally ready to get back into a normal routine. So on this first Monday of the new year, I felt like recapping 2014 to see all that had happened during those 365 days.


A lot happened for me in 2014. This year started off with a lot of blogging and YouTube events. I attended IMATS which was a ton of fun. I got to catch up with other YouTubers and get some highly discounted makeup! I also attended an event by Glamour and filmed a hair tutorial for Sephora TV. The first few months of 2014 involved a lot of driving to LA for meet ups and what not. Looking back, it feels like such a long time ago, but it was a really exciting time for me and my channel. I had recently started working on my blog and YouTube full time and that meant a lot of changes. My hours were completely different, now I was free on the weekends and could spend more time with Andrew which was great.

I also started seeing a shift in the content of my videos. I started focusing more on natural products and healthy living. This included what I ate to what I put on my hair. The previous year I had started switching most of my products over, but by this time it was in full swing! Even now, I am loving how my channel has evolved so much since when I first started. There is nothing more encouraging then when one of you lets me know how much better you feel from eating less gluten or how much clearer your skin is from using natural skincare. 


But the biggest change of 2014, was moving to Seattle for four months. I look back on that summer with so many fond memories. Andrew and I went on some breathtaking hikes and saw some spectacular sights. We also ate some of the best meals we have ever tried. I loved how everything was fresh and local. We lived right next to Pike Place Market so everything was walking distance from our apartment. Let’s not forget all the yummy sweets I consumed along with some of the best coffee on earth. Seriously it was the real deal. I still dream of moving back. I loved the rain, culture, people and everything else Seattle had to offer.

withkendra-2015A few other highlights were spending the weekend in New York for fashion week, and obviously a few trips to Disneyland! But besides all the fun little trips I had, I am most of all grateful for the people around me this year. I was able to spend some time with my three nieces and nephew, who always provide me with endless smiles and laughs. I also strengthened a lot of friendships and made some amazing new friends this year. Andrew is almost done with Physical Therapy school and I am so excited for all that’s in store for him in these next couple months. We also moved in with my parents until we find a new place so we are getting lots of family time in! I hope you all had a great 2014. I also hope that you look back on the great memories you created rather than fixating on what you didn’t do. This year my only resolution is to enjoy each moment and not stress about the future. Here’s to a near year, new beginnings and new opportunities!