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Big Sur



On our trip up north we drove along the coast to see Big Sur. I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. I mean, check out that water! God is good and he really opened my eyes to see the beauty all around me. This whole trip has really been quite the experience. Mostly, it has taught me I need to simplify things. Leaving most of our belongings in San Diego was really tough at first and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to live for three months with so little. To be honest, it still isn’t easy. But I have a new appreciation for other things now. Stepping outside and taking a walk through the city gives me so much energy. I don’t need to go shopping in order to be in a good mood, I just need to take my dog on a walk for some fresh air. Sometimes, I purposefully leave me phone, so I can just be in the moment. It is kind of sad to say that, but I am constantly on my phone checking twitter, instagram and my emails. I have to force myself to put the phone down and unplug for a bit. Are any of you guilty of being disconnected to the actual world because you are so connected online? It is a constant struggle considering it is my job. But I just need to find a healthy balance. Thank you all for stopping by and enjoy these pics!



IMG_3696 IMG_3692

IMG_3693 IMG_3695


Visiting San Luis Obispo

san luis obispo

On our way up to Seattle we had to stop in San Luis Obispo. Not only because I went to Cal Poly, but because it is such a cute town. I love all the quaint buildings and stores tucked away. If you are ever near the area you must make a pit stop to grab some food and walk through the town for a bit.

san luis obispo

I sure love a good brick building.

san luis obispo

Am I the only one who loves old buildings and signs?

san luis obispo

Of course the ever famous bubblegum alley. I heard there is one here in Seattle as well, but I haven’t seen it yet. There are two ways of looking at this. 1. a really cool art piece 2. lots of germs …take your pick.

san luis obispo san luis obispo

I spent way too much money in college at these cute boutiques downtown…whoops.beach

We also stopped by the San Simeon Bay to snap some pics and stretch our legs. Unfortunately it was pretty overcast, but still gorgeous!


Water makes everything so much prettier! I am loving living right next to the water now. PS. I am having a meet up in Seattle August 23rd so stay tuned for details!

Trip to Seattle: Part 3

Happy Monday friends! Here is the second to last of my road trip series. We still are living with friends on Mercer Island. I am so excited to get into our apartment on Wednesday and be in the heart of the city. This video captures us driving across the California border and into Portland. This was the longest stretch of driving we did, so we get a little loopy!! Enjoy!


Trip to Seattle: Part 2

Who is ready for part 2 of our road trip??? Thanks for being patient with me while Andrew and I get settled up here! Twenty two hours of driving is pretty exhausting. We got in to Seattle this afternoon and the first thing we wanted to do was go on a walk after being cramped for so long. Breathing in the fresh air was such a nice change from the lovely smog back in LA. I am super excited to explore up here, I already am in love!


Road Trip Thoughts

Hey everyone! I am so sorry I have been slightly MIA lately. We finally are on our trip to Seattle. We left this evening around 4:00 and are currently in San Luis Obispo for the night. Today has been super crazy. We made our millionth (I just made that word up) trip down to San Diego to drop off the last of our stuff we are not taking with us. Once we move back to California we will end up in San Diego, so we wanted to store everything there. So yes, we managed to fill up another car full of stuff. Moving really is an eye-opening experience. I feel like I am very good at hiding my stuff. Who is with me? For instance, if you were to come into my apartment, it would look very tidy. However, once I take everything out of it’s place, I look sort of insane. The amount of products I own kinda mades me sick. I know it is my job to test out and review products, but still, it is a bit much. Having a lot of storage in your house is definitely a scary thing. It is a way to minimize your hoarding problems. Not that I am blaming any of you! Ha… What were we talking about again? Oh yes moving. So, I have realized that I need to work on simplifying my life. Life is not about things. And I am sure most of you know that already, but sometimes we need to be reminded of it every now and then. We have only driven about 4 hours so far, but it has already opened my eyes so much.


I graduated from college in 2011 and haven’t been back since. When I was making the drive up here tonight (well when Andrew was making the drive, and I kept him company) I saw everything in a whole new light. I think many times we are always looking to the future. When will I be done with college? When will I get engaged? When will I get a house? And we lose sight of what is in front of us. At once point we were driving through beautiful mountains, and a few years ago I thought it was the most boring part of the drive. Tonight I couldn’t get over how beautiful it all was. So I hope all of you can take a moment this week and appreciate where you are at this stage in your life. Enjoy each moment and spend a little less time worrying about tomorrow. Andrew reminds me of this everyday and I love him for that. Life is a blessing and I hope to see the joy and beauty out of the simple things, because that is what truly matters.


grand canyon

Last leg of the trip.


We drove through the cutest little town called Williams. I felt like I was back in time.


We made it! Such an incredible sight to take in. It was really neat that there was snow everyone too.


Our little family.

IMG_7968IMG_1014 IMG_8214IMG_6837

Back in the car to go home! Look where the little one ended up!


A gorgeous sunset driving home.


Road Trip – Part 3

Living in southern California, I don’t see the snow often. It is the middle of December and it’s currently 85 degrees. When Andrew and I drove to the Grand Canyon the last thing we expected to see was snow. We first saw a tiny patch on the side of the street and freaked out! Then as we kept driving we realized it was everywhere… I even took a picture of my water bottle that froze overnight. I thought it was preeeety cool.

IMG_0051IMG_6779 IMG_9883 IMG_8326 IMG_3381 IMG_4349IMG_0411

jacket: windsor (similar here & here)

pants: target

boots: uggs

scarf: ny street vendor (similar here)

top: forever 21

Road Trip – Part 2

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been slightly MIA these last couple of days. I randomly got super sick with a high fever and was in bed for a very long time!

Here is part 2 of our trip. During this next leg of the drive we saw lots and lots of desert! So this won’t be the most colorful blog post you’ve ever seen..


After Vegas, we took a quick stop to look at the gorgeous Lake Mead.


Then we of course had to get a family picture!


^^close up of my twisted silver necklaces (outfit post coming soon)^^


Then we stopped by the Hoover Dam for some pics. Andrew couldn’t stop talking about Transformers the whole time..

IMG_7974 IMG_7031IMG_1639

^^this little one gave us lots of laughs the entire time. the best was when she decided the suitcase was her new bed.^^


Then off we were again! Doesn’t this picture remind you of Cars? Just wait until you see how different the climate is for my next post!

Road Trip – Part 1

If you follow me on instagram you probably know I recently went on a road trip with Andrew. Our main purpose was to go to the Grand Canyon. It was on Andrew’s “things to do before I die” list. I visited it a while back on a family vacation, but thought it would be fun to see it again. On the way we stopped in Las Vegas because some of Andrew’s friends were there. Here are some pictures we took along the way…many more to come!


^kaila loves to stand on the middle console and  stare out the window.^


totally necessary gingerbread latte stop.


hey vegas!

IMG_8359 IMG_8353IMG_8358


^words of advice. don’t bring your dog along on a road trip (no matter how cute he/she is).^


more to come!