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Weekend Away in Irvine

Hey guys! So if you follow me on Instagram you know that Andrew and I took the girls to Irvine for the weekend recently. Believe it or not, it was the first time we had taken the girls just the two of us anywhere for two nights. Astoria at Central Park West offered to let us stay for the weekend in one of their furnished two bedroom places. Irvine is about an hour from our home so it was a nice way to get away, but it was nice to not have to spend that much time in the car with our little ones.

family vacation

They also showed us around and there is a great gym, pool, lounge area and personal wine cellars for residents!astoria at central park west

Our place was so stunning. It had beautiful modern decor and huge windows which allowed so much natural light. The complex really reminded me of staying at a hotel, rather than an apartment. They have valet service all day long, a stunning entry, and gorgeous elevators that take you up to your place. The layout of our place had the two bedrooms on opposite sides with the kitchen, dining and living space in the middle. We set up two pack n plays for the girls in the second bedroom. At night we could just keep their door open and could hear them when they woke up, but it was nice that they weren’t right next to us because they move a ton when they sleep. And I never sleep well with them in the same room as me. I always bring their sound machine when traveling to keep things somewhat normal for them. Same goes with their zip up blankets. I try to keep everything as close to normal as home so they don’t have to adjust too vacationRight when we got there, we put the girls down for a nap and I headed to the grocery store to get a few things for the girls. There was a cute natural foods market right across the street which was amazing! Health food stores make me soooo happy. I can’t explain it haha. This one was called Mother’s and I got a delicious juice. Highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area. It was super convenient being right by the apartment vacationSomething that I loved having was a Keurig! We used to have one when we first got married but ended up getting a normal coffee maker because we drink a lot of coffee! But not having to clean out the coffee maker every time was such a treat! P.S. Tully’s is my favorite coffee! I used to go there in Seattle all the time.astoria at central park westfamily vacation

At night we headed to South Coast Plaza to just walk around. It was fun to see all the holiday decorations and the fancy stores. The only store we ended up going to was the Disney Store haha. June went crazy when she saw all the plush toys. She wanted to kiss all of them and give them huge hugs. Violet was a little hesitant and wanted to stay near to me the whole time. It’s so funny to see the differences between the two of them. It’s also so sweet to see them take in new things every day.

family vacation

The girls loved running back and fourth in the long entryway of our place. They started chasing each other and hiding behind the walls. They sure are entertaining to watch! Check out June’s face and tummy in that pic!

family vacation

This was our attempt at a family photo! It’s near impossible to take family photos right vacation

The second day we drove to Newport which was super close, I mean less than 10 minutes. We put the girls in the stroller and took a little stroll. The morning air was nice and crisp and I could smell the ocean which was so vacation

For lunch we went to Lemonade, one of my FAVORITES. If there was one really close to me I would go all the time! So when I saw there was one across the street from our place I was so excited! It was in the same shopping center as Mother’s. Something that we found really tricky traveling with the girls at this age was feeding them. When you don’t have highchairs to strap your babies down it can be very difficult to feed them! We would literally sit them down on the ground in the apartment and sprinkle food on the ground or hold them on the counter while they tried to squirm out of our arms. SO, if you can, go out to eat so you can take advantage of highchairs. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a little food while your kids are occupied. A very rare thing with twins! When we do go somewhere to eat, we eat really fast. It’s like a race against the clock I swear. And if you haven’t tried Lemonade before, you have to go! I got their new ahi dishes along with the strawberry arugula salad.astoria at central park westLike I said, getting a picture with these two!family vacationThat night we met up with a friend of mine and took the girls to Downtown Disney, which again, was really close! It was the first time we had taken the girls, and they were a little overwhelmed. We didn’t last long haha. We had intentions of eating dinner, but like always, plans change quickly with twins. We ended up eating back at our place with some wine and had a great time actually. I’m a homebody at heart, so staying in is always okay with me! Overall, we had a great time during our stay at the Astoria apartments. Everyone who worked there was so kind and helpful. It was such a treat to get away for a little bit and show the girls new things! If you are in the Orange County area, I highly recommend checking these luxury apartments out. They are so stunning and really equipped with everything you need. It also helps that everything you need is really close by. From restaurants, to theme parks you are completely set! And if any of you have twins or little ones, I’d love to know some of your travel tips! Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!

 If you want more info on the Astoria at Central Park West Apartments click HERE

Floral Mini

spring fashionspring fashion

spring fashion

spring fashion
spring fashion

dress: urban outfitters similar styles (1,2,3)

bag: windsor

sunnies: urban outfitters

hat: windsor

bralette: windsor

shoes: corso como

Ahh spring is in full bloom. Well it has actually felt like summer this week. It’s been in the 90’s. What in the world? Is it hot where you guys live or just me? I swear we get two weeks with rain and then it’s back to summer. Oh how I miss you Seattle! (I’m taking a trip there this summer and cannot WAIT.) We are headed to the river this weekend so more heat for me. But the river is such an escape for Andrew and I. It’s very refreshing to not have service for an entire weekend and just be.

Today’s look is what I wore out in Palm Springs last weekend and I love it so much. This dresss is super comfy and I love wearing this bralette under to add a little extra something. These wedges are also my new fav. I’ve been wanting a pair of black wedges and these are perfecto. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your friends and family! How the heck is it already May???? Seriously these months have been flying by. Oh also a little update on our kitchen! I went shopping for countertops today and picked out the quartz we want to go with. I loooove the look of marble but I want something more durable so I had to compromise. We are getting our lower cabinets installed in a few weeks so I’ll have more pictures very soon! (Did I mention our uppers are done? They look amazing!) Okay talk soon!




sweater: c/o windsor

tee: gap (similar)

pants: c/o fashion nova

boots: c/o ifchic

bag: ann taylor (similar)

sunnies: nordstrom

scarf: c/o h&m

Ahhh yes colder weather. This morning I took these pictures I was actually freezing. Finally! I’m loving layering different textures and patterns. It adds some interest to your outfit, and as long as the colors complement each other have fun with it. This oversized sweater is an easy piece to throw on top of anything. It is super chunky which is why I love it! This scarf is super chunky too. AND my booties are. (I just drank an energy drink…)

If you guys saw my last Haul video, then you probably remember a few of these pieces. These boots in particular have become an absolute favorite. I got them for a website called The site has a mix of handpicked items from really great designers. Also, they have a program called #ifchic24 where you can earn coins to use towards your purchases. Each coin equals $1 and every day you visit the site you earn 6 coins. So you have the potential to earn $180 each month. The great thing is that on the 24th of every month you can use all of your coins towards your purchase. Talk about a huge discount! Definitely check out their beautiful pieces, I listed a few of my current lusts on the site below!


Are you guys loving Fall? I honestly can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What the heck? I looked at the calendar today and realized all I need to get done!! Decorating a house has definitely taken over my life and I love it. I’ll have some pictures up soon. We have done so much lately, I feel like everything is falling into place. If you want to see some pictures make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (kendraatkins) for more updates!

Fall Inspo

Time for some fall inspiration! I am loving that it has been a little cloudy lately, but it is still hot. This summer has been unreal. Anyone else? Don’t get my wrong, I love the summer and warm weather, but when it is over 100 degrees for a whole month I’m not a happy camper! You know how they say the sun makes you in a good mood? I think it’s the opposite for me. Overcast skies are heaven on earth. Probably because it is rare here haha. Seattle I miss you! Okay anyways, enough about the weather, let’s talk fashion. So what I love about fall is the colors. Warm, earthy tones are my favorite this time of year. Navy, camel, olive and burgundy are some of my favorites. I also like sticking to basics in the fall. Start with a pair of distressed jeans, add in a basic tee and then start adding layers. A cute cardigan, hat and booties will make you look instantly chic. What are you all most excited for this fall? P.S. I actually got a hot chai latte the other day and it was bomb! I’m not quite ready for pumpkin yet!

fall time